Praise for Filthybird


Americana, Indie Rock, Psychedelic, Rock, Folk-Rock, Pop 


Gram Parsons, Jefferson Airplane, Roky Erikson, Big Star, Joni Mitchell, Brian Eno

"What's not to like about something that's both instantly likable and infinitely explorable?" says Currin, "When I hear Filthybird's songs for the first time, they strike me as somewhat simple pop songs I know I'll love. But the more I listen, there are always five, eight, a dozen things that make the term "pop song" feel inadequate; whether it's Renee's voice or how that voice runs with a melody or how the drums and guitars shift just so to catch that voice." —Grayson Haver Currin 

Songs for Other People, RedEye Releases (2010)

Cosmic American four-piece Filthybird has had a busy year, migrating from Greensboro, North Carolina, to the Triangle, opening a guitar repair shop in downtown Graham (Fret Sounds), and putting the finishing touches on their brilliant new full-length record, Songs for Other People. The follow-up to the lauded Southern Skies, Filthybird's latest record reveals an astounding depth, effectively marrying the lilting vocal melodies of Renee Mendoza (Ashrae Fax) to her husband Brian Haran's (Glenn Branca Orchestra, LaMonte Young projects, Viridian) layered guitar atmospherics. Anchored by Michael Duehring and Otto Hauser’s (Vetiver, Bright Back Morning Light, Espers) powerfully inventive rhythm section, these songs are both soulful and dreamy, familiar and fresh. Lush, breezy and cinematic arrangements may recall the best moments of Gram Parsons, Jefferson Airplane, Roky Erikson and Chris Bell, but this band is unique, reassembling the most colorful fragments of a mythic American music into something entirely new. 


“It’d be a simple and not wholly unfounded claim to say that Renee Mendoza’s voice carries the day on Filthybird’s excellent sophomore record, Songs for Other People. Her singing can surge with power or crack with sweet frailty, and she’s never bogged down by affectation. However, as strong as Mendoza is, Filthybird is a full-band effort, each solid piece made sturdier by the next.” 


“The band's core is Renee Mendoza, a Texas born and bred guitarist and singer/songwriter with a big, open, expressive voice that inhabits its own unique musical space. She has the powerful yet understated delivery of a folk singer, and a literary turn of phrase that never calls attention to itself. Guitarist Brian Haran, her husband, has played in noise rock bands with Glenn Branca and LaMonte Young, but his approach here is minimal and melodic … The music is atmospheric, suggesting wide-open emotional and geographical spaces.” 

Triangle Music

“This is not only one of the best albums of the year locally, it’s one of the best anywhere.”

Southern Skies (2007)

"There's a rich swirl of New South mystique hidden in Greensboro's Filthybird, especially through frontwoman Renee Mendoza. Her songwriting—a collagist's reflection on the toils of love and life—proclaims a naiveté rung through resilience and tenacity … Filthybird moans in textural splendor until they climb into big, clanging rock crescendos, free and emphatic and strong. The band's debut, Southern Skies, is one of the best 10 records you'll hear from this state all year, guaranteed." —The Independent